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In the past, there were very few options on how people could meet and go out with people. There were the usual clues and fortuitous meetings that led to a date, but these days, the meetings reached a whole new level. There were dating services, online meetings and the relatively new phenomenon of speed meetings. Speed Dating is a dating method that draws the attention and ears of dating. In order to determine if speed dating is a viable option for a person, it is important to know a little more about this dating avenue.

What is speed dating?

In an informal setting, Speed Dating was born with Jews looking for future spouses in areas with a large non -Jewish community. It was organized in a format of meeting and salvation where a large number of people could mix and know each other. In the formal arena, speed dating is set up by organizers such as dating agencies that rent space in a bar or restaurant and organize a group of people to pay fees and attend. People will then have about 8 minutes to sit at a table with a potential partner and chat. When the weather is sold, the participants are seated at another table and seated with an estimated new date, etc. After everyone has had the chance to meet all the other potential people, the participants fill out a form and realize that they would like to review..

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The advantages of speed dating

The speed dating process has many advantages. The first must face access. One of the biggest Dating obstacles that people must overcome with regard to meetings is to access other singles. Singles are often too busy working to go out and find places to meet other singles. In addition, some people do not know the right places to meet a potential partner. For these reasons, the speed dating option for other singles is a very attractive quality of this method of dating.

The effectiveness of time is another quality of precious speed dating. Since each “date” lasts about 8 minutes and the first impressions are so important, you can usually tell if there is something there even in this short time. Instead of going out with a person for an entire evening and not knowing if there is a compatibility factor, Speed ​​Dating solves this problem by having mini-dates as a decisive factor to determine if a person is interested in having a full date with Quen.

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