How to Get Girls to Squirt

Squirting is the practice where the vagina, upon sexual stimulation releases a stream of fluid during orgasm, much akin to a male orgasm. Unlike popular belief, this isn’t piss, in fact it’s a mix of vaginal fluids which, because of the intense tensing of the muscles gets released during orgasm. However it is a learned skill, yes there are women who squirt naturally whenever they orgasm, however for those less fortunate there ARE still ways to achieve this. In addition to this, men love it, as shown by the fact Squirting porn is one of the top 20 categories on Pornhub, so today we’ll teach you how to get a girl to squirt.

First, you’ll need to prepare, make sure your girl is comfortable, you can do this by giving her a nice massage before starting to have sex, also make sure to take plenty of time for this, squirting doesn’t come quick for the first time. It’s also helpful to lay down a few towels, as these will help absorb all the fluids that are going to be released.

Next, find her G-spot, this will usually be fairly shallow, up to two inches deep when it comes to most women, and lube her up, unless she gets really wet, you’ll need some artificial water-based lube to keep the fun going. Slowly and passionately stimulate it, rub it with your fingers in a ‘come hither’ motion slowly stimulating the G-spot, this should feel really good for her, so ask her if you’re rubbing the right spot and move your fingers in necessary. You can also use a curved or G-spot dildo/vibrator to achieve this, however for first timers fingers should be enough.

Next listen to her , it’s very important to listen to her feedback, when she tells you to speed up, speed up, when she tells you to push, you push, she’ll know how it feels and how it’ll feel best, the sensation of squirting should come from the urethra, and feel as if going to piss, if it does, good.

This should be done with alternating periods of ‘pushing’ the G-spot and then relaxing, repeating this many times will stimulate the blood flow in the area, after it has been sufficiently stimulated the girl should experience an extremely intense orgasm and squirt. While you won’t get a result like in squirting porn on your first try, through a lot of effort, you should be able to achieve this.