How to get a girls number

I can be really intimidating to ask the girl for her number. When you’re a man, you can say one thing to a girl and she’ll absolutely love you for it. But when you say the exact same words to another girl, she’ll freak out on you. Even worse, she can yell at you, she could shame you and she can make you feel like you’re being n A-hole when really all you’re doing is something innocent like asking for her phone number.

To avoid that from happening and to be able to get her digit even without being creepy, follow these tips;


Establish A Connection

Do not ask a woman out unless you have established some kind of verbal or nonverbal rapport with her. For example, you have been making eye contact and exchanging smiles or you had a brief exchange of words but in those moments you were able to flirt with her and she laugh at something you said. A woman can feel objectified when you ask for her number too soon.


Get To Know Her More

Talk to a girl for a minute before you ask for her phone number. Let her see who you are as a person before going straight for the number. Get to know a little bit about her. If you want the absolute best way to get a girl’s number without getting rejection, you need to flirt, know her more and do something to please her. It’s what sets you aside from the other boring guys approaching her.


Invite Her To Something Interesting

After you talk to her and build rapport, talk about some cool stuff that you’re about to do that you know she’s going to be interested in. Put something else in her mind that could gain her interest.

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