Anal Sex

Do girls like anal sex?

Everybody loves chocolate, but sometimes you want to try something a little different. Most people want to explore and anal sex, but here’s the common question on everybody’s mind: Do girls like anal sex?

You see it portrayed a lot in pornography. But pornography is made as the ultimate fantasy for men. So, it used to be a new thing to have sex on film and it evolved to the most intense of novelties. Nowadays, it is very common for porn actresses to be required to do an anal scene aside from the regular sex in different positions, foreplay and blowjob they act in movies.

That makes a lot of men believe that all women love anal sex because they see it so commonly in pornography, but it’s probably not necessarily the case.

On the other hand, women can learn to love and enjoy anal sex in the right frame, but the way that it’s portrayed in pornography makes it seem as if it’s just really common. Women are not just out there just begging to have anal sex the way that they’re perceived to be in pornography. There’s a big different of fantasy versus reality.

Nevertheless, women can actually enjoy anal sex and anal stimulation to the extent that if they’re introduced to it correctly. A woman should be informed that one of the other routes to get to the back of her vaginal fornix – which is their A-spot and can lead to ejaculatory orgasms – is through her anus.

Men should keep in mind that even though women can learn to enjoy anal sex, this isn’t something that they always going to be welcomed to. You can’t just insist it to her or force her to do it. The vagina is made to be penetrated, but the anus is not necessarily the same way. You need to work up to it and help her understand that she may enjoy. Take the time to understand her body and she really has to be open to the idea.

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